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Return to Vice City

It’s been many years since I booted up my Playstation 2 and had a wander about Vice City.
The chances are if your reading this, you have played this, and if not you will probably know what it is.  If not, stop reading, go out, buy a copy, play it, then come back.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City puts you in the middle of a 1980’s clone of Miami, in the role of small time crook Tommy Vercetti.  You then explore this vast re-imagining of Miami, taking jobs  from crooked businessmen and pimps, as well as buying up all the property around town, and running your own businesses.
The brilliant thing about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is how wonderfully it has aged.  The somewhat dated graphics actually compliment the retro feel that the game initially aimed for, making it as playable as it was the day it came out back in 2002.  For me the greatest enjoyment comes from playing through the exciting story and buying up the hot property around town, living in my own personal Scarface fantasy.
A feature Vice City was constantly praised for was its soundtrack, which seems to perfectly capture the mid 80’s.  Driving up and down Vice Beach listening to Crockett’s Theme (of Miami Vice fame) and classic Hall & Oates just seems to work, and I don’t think it will ever stop working.  At least until we see the rumored Vice City title to appear on the GTA IV engine, that is going to be SICK.
So today i think you should all dust off your old copies of Vice City find your memory card, and have a nice violent drive around town.
Personal recommendations for your visit:

  • Buy a gun
  • Steal a car
  • Pick up an e-prostitute
  • Kill her and take the money
  • Go on a hit & run rampage
  • Put yourself up at a good vantage point
  • Fight off the Police, SWAT teams, and the Army until you die
  • Then put it away, knowing you have done something right

I’m not surprised this game raised so much controversy on its release!
I have recently acquired an Xbox 360 so lets see what I can play in the coming week.
Vice City, you have earned a honourabe 85.

Benjamin Coren

(Originally published on Bashed Buttons)