Grim Fandango


Version tested: PC Windows 

Other platforms: PSN

Classic adventure title Grim Fandango made a return to modern systems last month with Double Fine releasing a remastered edition.

Originally released in 1998, this critically acclaimed classic suffered from bad sales, the few who played it remembered it fondly, and as the most requested title on, it was only a matter of time until this release came along.

The game followers the adventure of Manny Calavera, who is a sort of travel agent to lost souls travelling across the land of the dead to the ninth underworld. He meets a mysterious woman named Mercedes Colomar who is assigned to take a four year journey across the land of the dead, although Manny believes she deserves a place on the number nine express train due to her good life.

This encounter takes Manny on a four year journey across the colourful land, where he discovers a criminal underworld controlling the destiny of these lost souls.

The noir adventure stands today, with beautiful art and design and challenging puzzles. The remastered edition has a few graphical updates including updated textures and higher resolution models. Though the pacing of the game remains unchanged, some may struggle with the complex, obtuse puzzles.

The lack of support for widescreen resolution results in bars either side of the screen which may annoy some, however many who are playing for the nostalgia will not be disappointed.

Grim Fandango lacks any autosave feature, which by today’s standards is annoying, so regular stops to the pause screen are required.

Though many aspects of the game seem outdated to modern gamers, Grim Fandango is still the great adventure it always was.

Who cares if it’s a little obtuse, that’s what adventure games were all about back then!

If you are a fan of adventure games with a sense of humor in the vein of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and ToonStruck, then this one is for you!

It’s great to take a trip across the land of the dead with Manny and co. again.